and boom... right outta nowhere... a shadow.. starring her right in the face...

and them boom! there it is again- only in a new but similar form...

how can shadows be there starring you in the face for so long, and not fully see them..

such a shift in perception..

that is all...

Trying to meditate and do yoga with a 2 yr old running around.. pretty much like trying to do anything with a 2 yr old running around... interrupted and incomplete! haha. She breaks my silence by making me laugh and she asks me to do a LOT for her... but i dont mind that! haha
She also makes yoga very dangerous. Childs pose makes me look like a pony, leading to her pouncing on my back. Downward dog: I turn into a bridge for her to go under and try to climb.
And anything that involves one foot/hand on the floor and one raised in the air, is just asking for trouble! I dont look like a horse and i dont look like a bridge, so she just runs at me and hopes for the best. I could really get injured.
I will have to join an evening class. :)