OverZealously Me

I am a woman who is overzealously working to evolve and create my life.
My children (my family) play a huge role in who I am working to become, and I thank them for their love and support and their own personal evolutions!

I have dedicated myself to improving my mind, my sprit, my body. (Sometimes I falter!)

Yoga, meditation and self-analyizeation have been my starting ground.
I am mostly at that "scan my inner world to make sense of my outer world" phase, it can be a little self-abosorbed and a little exhausting, but it is where I need to be, in order to get where I will go.

I love and adore people, even the ones I dont particularly like- but I learn a little something from everyone.
I am truly grateful for times when I teach some little somethings to other people.
Working with people to improve their inner and outer worlds is something I am dedicating myself to. This will happen in many ways; subtle ways, like simply during conversation and more formal ways by leading a meditation or yoga class or sitting in a mind-clrearing session... the key is being fully present and to honour the person (people) in front of me.

Sometimes, I am overzealously overwhelmed by the state of the world and society. Wanting change so bad it hurts.

I believe we are put here to evolve ourselves... sometimes we need a little help to get going or along the way, but ultimately we must take this upon ourselves to do.

I work diligently to monitor and improve myself, especially in relation to others.
I tend to haul up crap my from past to related it to my present, in a way that reveals (or propels) a personal evolution.

I love to create and love to dream. I am, ultimately, an idea-haver.
And I ask santa for a team of people every year.

I will live in a place surrounded by woods, on a hill with an ocean view, and we will have gardens and green houses and animals galore!

Sometimes I am funny. Sometimes I am not. (though, I always aim for funny!)

I came from very little, but I will leave very whole.

love and smiles and stress still happens...