One thing that annoys me about this whole “blog thing”... that after so much time passes and I realize I haven’t posted anything for a while, I start wanting to post something really badly, but cant decide what to write about and end up writing about the fact that I cant write (I have a ton of these types of paragraphs. It’s really quite annoying.)

So then I think: HAY! Ill pick something that I’ve jotted down or thought about over the last little while and post one of those! -then I see just how many blog-type things I have written, and cant decide for the life of me which one to actually finish and post.

I also have a ton of “that’d be a great blog topic” ideas… but I cant seem to find the energy or time or creativity to get into one of them—because it feels like SUCH a big idea (maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, either way that’s how it feels to me about some times lol)

I really get inspired to write new things by reading other blogs about so many other topics--I have  a million things I could say about pretty much anything I read, see or experience.  But, for some reason… I don’t.

And what about the million things that happened in my own life, with my own kids, friends, and family, self, and animals and whatever else—I could write a thousand blogs a day on that stuff alone! (but id be too busy writing to really get to hang out in the moments of those things… trying to live in the present moment can really bring writing to a halt at times. I need to make time to be present in at least some moments to write! Neeeeeds to!)

So many things I could blog about… so many things I don’t blog about.

I want to write more. I want to fit it in my daily routine more.

I do write—but I don’t read back, edit and complete—seems those are key factors in posting on a blog.

I should spend sometime very soon and pick one thing I’ve written in the last little while and try to edit it into a  blog. (Sometimes, something’s I start out with end up wanting to be turned into books… which leads to them being put in the folder titled: “ill finish this someday ” (which is equal to my: “ill put that there so I know what it is”. *stay tuned for a future post on what that really means*)

Wonder if/when I’ll post something else here.


Maybe if I played with the design of the blog ill be more prone to hang out and write there more.

Lets see…

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