OverZealous Wedding Shoot! {Rachel & Damien}

It really took a lot of pressure off having the bride herself say: Oh don't worry too much, as long as you get one or two good shots, we'll be happy! (that's really a photographers dream, at least, for me it was!)
I was worried, this was my first semi-professional shoot... what if I didnt get ANY good shots for them!?
I worry too much.
They are beautiful people! Full of love and smiles! How could I NOT get any good shots!? (Plus the backdrops were stunning, a lot to work with!)

Here are some of my fave shots of the day:

(The beautiful couple!)

(Just the girls!)

(A full family shot!)

(Love the ocean-themed shots!)

(Gorgeous couple by the water!)

(I made them kiss a lot ;)

(Wedding party by the beautiful rock wall.)

(Hovering over them on a 4 foot wall was worth it! lol)

(This photo looks so old fashioned.. I love it!)

(Her bouquet was beautiful!!)

{Thank you Rachel and Damien! I had a wonderful time with you and your family! Congratulations!}

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