Ntv cuts benefit concert airtime short online AND on tv?

What’s the deal?

A friend of mine posted the link on facebook, to watch the live streaming, so I, a person who doesn’t want to have cable in my house, clicked on it to get to experience the show; I wanted to share in that experience, support in that energy sharing-money giving spirit that was pumping in that building!  But then, probably an hour or more before it was over, the show was stopped and regular broadcasting was resumed (a scene of point blank shooting on NCIS. guh.) 

Why not keep the concert going and not show the regular broadcasting, just this ONE time?

There’ve always been tv show interruptions from “special broadcasting”. Like, for example: anything in politics, or like a football game, or some kind of shooting or murder NEWSBREAK (MAKE YOU LOOK AT DEATH AND BE SCARED! (I’sa scared kitty) (and while im talking about it: why not have some “goodnews” friggin’ breaks!), OH and when some famous persons dies (the whole darn funeral is aired) (MAKE YOU LOOK AT DEATH! LOOK HOW IT STOPS THE WORLD! FFREAK OUT! YOUA RE GOING TO DIE!! (ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but not entirely wrong) (if this ‘funeral showing’ thing is so damn ‘acceptable’ and slightly MANDANTORY, then I want live streaming of everyone’s death who dies in any community or city in Canada! It’s only fair. Everyone is important. (Id love to have a file of when my nan died to play on my ipod now. (ok totally NOT REALLY!))

I’m sure there are people who feel they neeeeeeed to have NCIS playing RIGHT at that moment. Some of these people might even be sitting there making fun of the concert or at least sitting there wishing theyd all stop singin’ and START THE DARN SHOW!!! (probably getting increasingly angry at such a show taking up so much time…. and yes, I admit, there may have been, ok there HAVE been times, when some utterly annoying tv programming duing my tv days that hogged the air time from a sitcom I was watching, driving me mad and makin’ me  roll the crap out of my eyes: BE OVER! I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE ELECTIONS! (I was a teen, of course I didn’t care about the elections! And “Friends” was MUCH more interesting at the time!)
But still. That didn’t stop ‘em then.)

Who decided that this concert wasn’t worth the hogging of air time? To whoever that is, I say: screw you! Show the people of Newfoundland the rest of the show! Not fair.

 Like a friend on facebook said: “longer the broadcast with better bands equals more phone calls and donations.” And she also admits to wanting to share in that experience with the people who are getting to sit there and enjoy it live (like a lot of people would want!) I wonder how many people were sitting there? (There looked to be a great turn out! But, unfortunately, all of us couldn’t make it, and there’s no way the rest of Newfoundland was fitting in that building anyhow!)

Why stop the show? Why not keep that energy going through the airwaves? Why cut it off? 
 I would like to know the main reasons the concert was stopped.
Was it because of the station or the advertisers or, I dunno, cooperate sponsors losing money somehow? Or maybe Mile One Center, or the musicians, had something to do with it?
I don’t know.
Either way. It’s a benefit concert for Newfoundland playing on a Newfoundland station (and website), why stop it? Can’t you “donate” that air time and play time? Surely it couldn’t bankrupt anyone. (especially, to keep it playing online!)

That’s my gripe for the night.

(so i have found out that NTV wasnt allowed to air the full show and that some of the bigger bands didnt want to be on air! sorry ntv, i dont blame you! ;)  

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