quoting myself...from facebook, about love:

i try to look at each person like they are love. they are worth loving and they each love back.
the more we offer love and receive love, as the intent in every encounter, even walking by random people on the street, the more love we will create and the more that vibrational energy will rise.
love is the opposite of war, i just know it!

most ppl believe in numbers. im not a huge fan (lol) BUT there is something to be said about numbers, (yes, there are lots of things to be said about numbers!) BUT if the numbers do "speak" then i believe that the more and more people that begin to jump on this evolutional "bandwagon" then the more it will affect and shift the state of the planet (the universe!)

that has got to be better than leaving things as they are, right?

Bella, having her lunch. She needs her energy for being the bird of peace & love.

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