a poem titled: i am...

i am...

weakened by the weak minds
strengthened by the strong
sticking to the like minds
to surely not go wrong
trusting in the brave hearts
fearful of the weak
i will start listening to my own heart
to hopefully break this streak

time is mending
time is bending
time is full of shit
time is healing
time is revealing
time is every little bit

if now is here- it cant be gone
nor is it up ahead
now is now. its all there is
doesnt matter whats been said

change our ways
to change our days
to change this sad society
i shut out the lies and recognize
it's all inside of me

aham bramasmi it'll cause me
to shine my light on through
aham bramasmi it'll cause me
to see the light in you
the light in you- the light in me
the light encompassing
delight in us- enlighten us
and Imagine, we will sing.
i am.

© tammy m carew

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