Directly Experiencing an Enlightenment Retreat... (an email to a friend)

one of my "direct experiences" (working on the question "who am i") was coming to see fully how WE are evolution.. evolution in action. it's only when we consciously work to evolve ourselves, can we then evolve humanity as a whole!! it hit me like a ton of bricks! right in the chest!
with that, all my self conscious worries fell away! it felt amazing to feel that much power and importance, in not just me, but EVERYone!

the other direct experience i had (working on the question: what is another?) was fully understanding and KNOWING how we are all one. we are one and the same. each and every person. i saw it with such clarity. i've always "believed it" but i never really KNEW it.. amazing.. and i saw that the thing that makes us feel "separate" from each other (and ourselves!) is the mind. the egoic tendencies, self consciousness and self dissatisfaction-- THOUGHTS!. the only time we can feel fully One is when we are present in the moment with another person... without any thoughts of past or future, or worries, or anything outside of whats happening in the Now of that moment. it's such a powerful understanding.
i wil dedicate my self to not slipping back into that loss of control of thought. being somewhere else in my mind when i'm in the NOW with someone (especially my family!). it causes me to feel isolated, and the other person can feel that lack of presence.. that lack of love in the moment.

it's truly amazing!!! haha!

my entire outlook evolved with those realizations.

(im now working on a book about it all (and more) !!
its called: "We Are Tools Used By Active Evolution..Seriously"
(i had to add the "seriously" to appeal to a larger audience lol show the lightheartedness of this beautiful theory..
I'M PUMPED!! and everyone should go to an Enlightenment Intensive!

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