One of the best things about the YES program (Yogic Enlightenment Studies): brings me to things like: doing a group cleanse and fast!
There will be at least 6-7 of us taking part in the process for a weekend, a 3-day cleanse and fast. Good number of days to start with, we were told! Our response: Ok! Lets do it! Lets talk dates!

As gratifying as both “cleanse” and “fast” sound, I’m not sure it’s as entirely zen as I initially expected. Seems all Buddha to me to go on a “fast” and do a colon “cleanse” for spiritual reasons- so poetic, right!?


After the images I saw and words I heard today, I’m now expecting moments that will have very little to do with zen, and rely heavily on sense of humor and dedication… so if my sense of humor remains tickled with zen-ness during the entire process, I can see getting real good results with this!

It’s really just like getting an oil change. Rid the toxic build up. (ew.) (youll see why im "ew-ing" now in a moment).

I’ll post more about the actual fast when I do it… right now im just speculating, from all the things I learned today. (and there was lot.)

One great thing tho: doing it with more people should offer a great peer-support type feel. Because really, if i cant ask questions or make jokes about it with another group of people who are doing it with me- then i sure as hell doubt id feel comfy making jokes on facebook or trying to bring it up in conversations with people (but yes, i can put in in a blog and post it?).

not sure how people would respond, people who may have never heard of a cleanse or the notion of fasting, or who really have NO IDEA what either of those entails… and…. results in… and the processes you have to.. endure?.. experience?.. part-take in?.. *shudders again ever so slightly*

I’m not so sure how outsiders would feel about the enema part.

Yes, I said “enema” part… one of the parts that stick out the most to me (lol), a self –preformed enema (im pretty sure, not everyone on my facebook would be able to answer my questions about .. uh.. performing.. one of… those.. uh.. on myself. (yes. You are reading this right. Feel free to grimace and ‘pffft” and say “she’ craaazy”. Lol)

however, I seriously never thought I’d ever be this excited about an enema!

When I was in labor on my second child, there was this very enema-persistent nurse stalking me with her big plans—i kept avoiding it and thinking: there’s no dam way she’s getting the pleasure and peace of mind of giving me that- there’s enough escaping my body today! (And to note: nope! I didn’t poop on the birthing table! Some people have, some people haven’t—im just sayin’, may not always happen)
I think id know if I “needed” it. For one thing: i knew i didnt NEED one because “they” didn’t let me eat in almost 12 hours and plus i woke at 6am with nothing in my stomach, plus i was in labor(!) and when i woke with my water broke, i didnt think i needed to eat, because (i thought!) if I just hurry and go to the hospital, the baby will come out, we’ll relax, and I'll eat something yummy around lunch time… perrrfect- wont have to eat now! Lets go bring a life into the world!

Oh how naive we can be as younger pregnant people!? Pfft. The second baby took way longer than my first. Threw my plan right off. I didn’t eat til 5 oclock. counting the sleep before my water broke, that’s way more than 12 hours of not eating. Not even juice. Just ice chips. An enema would’ve been pointless and may have actually killed me by dehydration, sort of like the opposite of drowning, really.

Anyhow. I diverge.

Back to the topic of enemas!

“Enemas can be beneficial in restoring healthy bowels regularity”

I mean, how can I NOT be excited to do that!

After reading facts like: when the bowel becomes encrusted with unexpelled fecal material due to poor dietary habits, the absorption of vital nutrients slows down to the degree of encrustation (read that last word slowly again, and picture it in your bum!)

It continues a little down the page: the accumulations of the bowel wall become a breeding ground for unhealthy bacterial life forms. (life forms!)

And ends that paragraph with: the sewer backs up and the power is turned off. (and yes, that was used as a metaphor!) (ew.)

(you should also see the pics that accompanied this discussion- i may post them actually! lol)

The first line of the next paragraph really brought the decision home for me: Colonic cleanliness is tremendous importance to general health.

I was pretty much sold at this point. I wanted anything that might be in there, out of there.

The excitement kicked in. (at this point, the idea of not having food, only juice, was nothing at all to be concerned with. pfft. bit'a juice? no food? well at least NEITHER of those is giving myself an enema!)

I was even sold-er on the idea when I read the heading of the next section: Parasites.

Yeah. Found out we have those in there too! They ... live in the build up. (Again, EW!)

Yip. They have to go too! Kick out the boarders-the owner is home!

I’m very comfortably stating that I really am excited to get all that out of .. me.

And really picked an odd topic for one the first blogs in a while.


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