An overzealous dream of mine:

I want to build a community.

A community full of people- all sorts of people- of all ages, types, interests, and passions.
One, where whatever people dream up will be respected and supported and created with love and purpose.
I want to watch people share ideas and dreams and becoming empowered with love and support and connections.

This community would be a starting ground for some, a stopping point for others, and a final resting place for others still.

I picture having the many dollars needed to make this happen!

I picture this community being built to be completely sustainable and renewable-- in regards to everything: energy, food, money, and love! Most of all love!

It will be a place of empowering the mind, body, soul, and earth!

There will be art, music, science, math, every form of handy work and dealing with foods- natural, organic, creative, delicious foods!

It will simply be a place for people--so many powerful, inspiring people being brought together, even if only in spirit with some who cant physically be there.

It will be a place of yoga, meditation, relaxation, and self discovery.
It will be a place of self defense (from the stand point of creating a world where we wouldn’t need such a thing!)

It will consist of random sized houses, buildings, and other specialty rooms and areas (like a theatrical stage area, art room, library, animal habitats, computers room, exercise equipment room, gardens, green houses and more!)

It will contain beautiful nature trails, hikes, and ocean views and adventures! (HECK! We could even throw in bikes and a zip-line!!)

I picture this community on land with an amazing over-looking-water view!

I like to dream with a lot of love.

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