Life of a self analyzer…

"Think, think, think" Winnie the Pooh.

Pooh seems to only "think" when he needs to figure out something: how to find more honey! Thinking is a problem-solving tool. Used to figure out where and how to get honey. Thinking is our way of planning. It is our way of developing actions steps, to figure things out, and more deeply, to fulfill our lifes purpose.

This leads me to the question: what is he doing when he isn’t thinking? How does Pooh spend his days in between his search and plan for honey? Well, he just IS. He is living fully present, in all his Pooh-ness, each and every moment. Just being a friend, loving, laughing, and lazily offering his gift of wisdom, complex in nature, yet simple to the ears.

Some people say: you think too much! You can’t live and be happy if you're thinking all the time! Thinking too much is bad for you!

So I say: but then, wouldn’t ‘thinking just enough’, be good for me? And how are you to know what is “too much” or “too little” for someone else?

So far, my purpose has always been figuring things out; my self and my relation to the people around me (not so much them, but who I am in relation of what I see of them. I believe, we can’t ever fully “figure out” another person, but we can have glimpses and ideas of who they are by what the reveal to us, and what that reflects of us personally).
I have always felt that I am meant to “figure out” the workings of my life. Searching for the higher purpose. My metaphorical “honey” is my mind right now; how it works, what it’s been through and where I can take it and how I can (re)shape it. (I also 'think' we have multiple purposes throughout life- as our realities shift as we grow, so too, does our individual purposes, therefore our incentives, pots of honey, all seemingly change throughout our lifetimes. But our “honey” as a whole, our ‘greater honey’, is our search for the truth, the higher purpose of life. To be of service for the evolution of that- whatever that may mean to each of us individually, matters none.)

To contradict myself a little, there may be some truth to 'thinking too much". That if one thinks too much about every single thing, or about certain distractions that life offers, it could lead to a life of thinking, not living, therefore: not being of service to the higher purpose. I will have to admit that I've had moments in my life where "thinking" was my living... I didn't DO much else. It was all really an unconscious mess! (and, well, for the purpose of truth: I still have moments where I am lost like that, though not near as plentiful as some years ago!)
But I feel it was prep work for the work I am 'thinking' now.

Since joining the Yoga Enlightenment Studies program I have begun to loosen the grip of some of the fears I have had about my 'thinking' and my sense of a higher purpose. I have been able to let go of a lot of unnecessary things, like for example: the worry of people thinking I'm nuts for this “higher purpose” stuff (worrying constantly what people are thinking about me has been a flaw in my thinking for years! I've had stages of 'thinking' that reach beyond that of "paranoia"! Flat out insanity! The teen years were TOUGH!) There were nights I would lay and think,think,think in fear,fear,fear, about all possible sides to a million different things! I’m not sure any if that really served me… or if it was beneficial on some level, but it was my constant reality when I was young.

Since learning more about the mind and all its different functions and levels, through psychology classes and now from a yogic enlightenment perspective, I have been able to study my own mind more in depth and see it for what it has been over the years, I have been watching myself wake up. Other people also show me their minds, I’ve seen stuck areas and leaps in their evolution, it’s amazing to witness!

The journey of my enlightenment studies has been truly remarkable. Submerging myself into a group of fellow yogis, who are each on their own separate paths, yet we are tapping into the higher path of one. It is an amazing process.
I believe “the higher path of one” is Us finding our way home, and we do that most successfully by working diligently to improve the human conscience we chose to reside in while here on this earth.
It is up to us to take on that mission.
A quote that was born from my human mind: We are tools used by active evolution. We are. We are tools, each having their own purpose and function, which uniquely and collectively, aid in the evolution of this existence.

If everyone started opening his or her eyes to his or her own true purpose and ability, and diligently worked to overcome and release the mind that was developed in childhood, the power of life and love would finally be released and the vibrational energy would shift from the dysfunctional level to a fully functional level. We would see results in all areas to life, from our own minds to huge eco systems- everything would improve. The human mind was made in liking to the creator, meaning: we have the power to create.

Each of us came into the world with clear minds, raw potential, ready to be loaded up with information from the people and experiences that surround us as children and young people. Everything we experience, we learn from. We either learn directly from it, or we must learn to release information that doesn’t serve us.
Some people have life situations that never lead them astray of their higher purpose, their true gifts were always able to shine, their full potential seemingly laid out in front of them.
However, for others, they get muddied along the way. Things (and people!) happen that throw them off course, blind them to their truths.
It then results in those people having to drudge along for a few years. But there will always be hints and signs of their truth, waiting for them to notice, to reconnect. When they begin to notice, it is immediately up to them to collect those truths one by one, until the flood gates open and truth starts to pour out. The flood gates will open all at once for the first few times, but the mind will start filling in the flow with old patterns and beliefs, until the flow of truth is yet again slowed. Which is precisely where the search for "honey" comes in; one must then work on removing the barricades that the mind has put back over the truth. That's where the true work begins. Inside. The thinking begins: how do I find my honey- err- my truth? "Think, think, think."

And then “do”.

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