the end scene of the zeitgeist film...

...brought tears to my face and energy through my heart (no joke! it was phenomenal!) if you dont watch anything else from the zeitgeist film, i ask you to, at least, watch this part. ♥ )

After u watch that (it's about 8 mins), start the zeisgeist films in order if you'd like. The 1st one is 'the movie' the 2nd one is addendum the 3rd (and my fave of all 3) is moving forward. Watch them all on youtube. Amazing! It feels so much like a business plan-without the money!! a global plan that will bring us all so much freedom and joy. Everday ppl could do the things theyd do if they "had the day off"! I think this could be a beautiful new world ;) and don't care how utopian that sounds ;)

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