some of the [many] favourite things of my day, so far:

*waking up
*knowing everyone in my family has woken up too
*driving in the snow and ice (yes, i like the challenge! (and im pretty sure the feeling of confidence in my newly developed skill of driving a standard (especially on snowy days!) will never wear off!)
*watching my kids and pets do the million and one things they do every day (old things and new!)
*watching the zeitgeist ending and posting it on facebook (sends such energy through me, i believe in ridding the monetary system!)
*writing a bit on a book im working on
*playing a level in mario wii with my 10 yr old
*playing the in snow at the kitchen table with my 2 yr old.
*spotting the newly hatched apple seedlings poking through the soil! yay apple trees!
*daddy coming home for lunch (for the yummy 9 bean curry soup we made yesterday.. mmm.)
*making a cardboard house for a little tiny unicorn named, lyberty.
*playing in the snow outside, during a snow storm.
*watching the kids make (and get covered in) goo!
*have the neighbours 2 kids over to play and for supper (tofu spaghetti, mm!)
*feeling the love i have for so many things in my life.
*and jot-noting this list in a blog has also been awesome! :)

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