to think or not to think...that, is the question, or not.

I think some people were born to be consciously rebellious and thirst for better ways, for evolution. These types of people typically question the standard, the norm, the masses form of existing (for example: the celebrations and occasions that their culture (and/or other cultures) practice).

These people typically seek more utopian ways of living and evolving. Questioning everything they come in experience with. Asking Why about most everything. Posing new thought and pondering new ideas, that may aid in the evolutionary process (of themselves and society).
All the while, assigning conscious reasoning to previous circumstances and happenings, in order to clear and release those patterns in the brain and spirit.

There's a lot of thinking going on in these types of people, but that’s what calms, enlightens and excites them.

Tho, not everyone thinks like that, and that's ok, too. A lot of people live with how things are, not questioning anything; taking things are they are presented, with no conscious thought of Why, no conscious contemplation whatsoever. These types of people were born for that reason, too. (Perhaps?)

Most of those people are content in their lives (and thoughts) and the lives (and thoughts) of everyone around them, no matter the disposition of the people.
Good, bad, rich, poor, happy, depressed.
There are subgroups of this: for example: those who practice non-judgment towards differing dispositions, and those who hold judgment towards differing dispositions. (I’m sure if I thought harder and longer I could think of more subgroups— but not right now.)

So, does conscious thought evolve on its own, without any thinking put into it? Or do we need people who are willing to dedicate to their thinking in order to evolve?
Wouldn’t personal evolutions in thought- create evolution of thought, as a whole?
Why? Or Why not?

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