a creepy thing just happened...

 i dropped a bug (while taking its picture, after i saw it crawl along the top of the macbook), and i didnt see where it went! and then i thought i stepped on it.... ahhh!
breathe in
breath out
let it pass.
the bug was here longer than i think it was, therefore it was not planning to attack me nor is it now... its just going to continue its bugginess- leaving me and my orifices alone... i must get on with my life... fearing a non-poisonous bug is ridiculous...there are always bugs here... everywhere... somewhere. ughhh my mind just went crawling there for a sec... but ok... I dont fear bugs like i used to. it really took a lot of energy to freak out about them. i have now started to accept them as fellow beings and would never kill one in anger! even if they're creepy, tiny, crawly beings, who can fit just about anywhere, mostly unnoticed, *shivers- but lets it pass*..
lets check out the pic i got, and played with ;)

                                          *the bug thats missing in my house. !!!!!.

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