these are the blogs of our lives... (thought this was the first post on this blog, but something happened!)

these are the blogs of our lives...
a B c D E f
 g h i j K
     l m
   n O p
  Q r s T
u v W x y Z
(lame attempt at an alphabet hour glass)
with the growing amount of blogs out there, it’s kind of daunting to some people to even start. like me. i sometimes suffer from a severe case of self doubt and worthlessness. thoughts like: why the heck would anyone read any crap i write? whats the point, people will only make fun of me and judge me and think im nuts?!
but luckily i also suffer from a severe case of over importance and belief i can help change the world with real honesty and humor and empowerment… that helps battle the other problem. and i think im more right, at least, its more productive, in feeling the latter of the two issues.
but another problem faces me as i dauntingly step into the blog world: what the heck am i going to write about? some people have specific blogs about gardening or sports or book and music reviews or sheer humor. i dont think i can focus on one topic long enough to blog entirely about IT only, nor can i be funny all the time (well maybe i can do that much?). i need to make up stuff as i go along with whatever is on my mind, talk very honestly about crap i feel and fear and love and loathe, and talk about my kids and pets and partner and societal issues and movies that inspire or offend me and other life shenanigans (crazy! I did NOT think that word was going to make it out of the spell check alive!)
speaking of spell check, its like a game to me. if the blasted red squiggly line appears under a word im unsure of, i have to keep at that word until i get it right!i have spent countless hours retyping words like convience and efficeint (not fixing them this time, just to show you the troubles i have).
anyhow. although im not diagnosed with a.d.d and my dr keeps telling me to stop worrying about it (even tho im not worried per se, just think it must be something!), you will notice in my blogging style there will be a slight tendency (had to re-type that word about 3 times there, but HA! i won this time spell check!) to portray symptoms of a.d.d. I go back and forth between ideas, throw ridiculous thoughts in the middle of serious banters, and run far too long with random thoughts- i do it all for the heck of it tho, so dont worry or try and talk me into taking prescription drugs or anything. i do hope you enjoy it rather than be annoyed by it. and every now and then i promise to have some tidbit of writing with a point.
so sit back and enjoy the random rantings and honesty. that is, if i actually keep a steady flow of blogs this time. ive been known to crap out for months at a time. and i will have very lazy moments where i will repost previous writings.
peace love and blogging

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