forcing myself to post...and gawd my finger hurts.

i didnt realize how much i used and depended on my middle finger-- until i sliced the very tip of it today. even now, i have to readjust my typing, though i can still type pretty fast, except for a slight pause during those letters that are used to that finger. changing a diaper is near impossible! especially on a fussy butt! and the worst break open yet today was when i was brushing megs hair, i stabbed my other middle finger nail RIGHT in the slice. really. hurt. and bled.

yeah. so thats pretty much this blog. (im forcing myself to post something right now- thats all i have at the moment lol i was working on a few lines of a story, so im tapped for the night) 
I always go through spurts of wanting to keep up with it everyday, but never seem to. It seems as though a million things hapoen throughout my day that are all totally blog worthy, but its tough to write about it ALL and near impossible to blog when the moment hits. and then when it comes time for “me” time in the day or night to write, i end up having noooo idea what to actually write. (hence the infamous blog about blogging! I bet i could do a total spoof blog of just blogs about blogs, or writing about writing. which are usually about how stuck my writing feels, juxtapose how much creative energy i feel inside.

just. keep. writing. even. crap.  

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