the moment i realized bella was missing...

i thought, hmm i havent seen bella up close in a while, i looked where (i thought) she was, under the chair in the kitchen where she usually is... but my near blinded eyes didnt see that it was a sobeys bag that had fallen there. oh no! where the heck is bella!
slight panic arose as i remembered having the backdoor open all yesterday evening... she would always go out on the step, but didnt seem to be interested in going any further... I WAS WRONG about that!!
i got some shoes and started looking around the deck and yard, i heard a weird subtle squeaking noise and feared that she was hurt... i panicked a lil more and prayed the universe would guide me to her.
ralfee then darted out barking her head off at a woman with her 2 dogs, "oh great" i thought, "now m going to have a lady bitch me out about the dog being off a leash (hear that a lot when ralfee does that lol) .. BUT the most amzing thing happened! frist she was smiling and expressing that its ok, dogs bark, i dont mind. i was pleaseantly surprised by that, and then she walked over to us so ralfee could meet the dogs... the first thing i said then was: you didnt happen to see a white dove hey?.. she thought i said dog .. but i said, "no, a dove. our bird got out". and she smiled and said "OMG you are the owner! i know exactly where she is".. i was awestruck and dumbly replied: are you sure?
(of course shes sure, how many white doves do you see in the street? lol)
so she told me that someone she knew found a dove and took it in last night! (LAST NIGHT!!! shes been missing that long and i didnt notice! it was a busy day and i thought she was a sobeys bag!! im a bad dove mommy!! :( lol)

the little girl there fell in love with her and was sad to see her go, but smiled excitedly when i said she coudl visit any time to see her. lol they even bought her food!! sweet ppl. i kinda wanted to give bella to them out of thanks.. but no way lol.. maybe if we ever need to have someone take her they can :) haha we;re going out of country for a year, wana dove sit? :)

so that was eventful. and our bella is back home :) (glad i didnt notice until 5 mins before i found her, b.c i would have been very upset lol)


  1. OMG what a wacky turn of events..amazing..see the world works so mysteriously sometimes....Happy shes back home!!

  2. me too!! i wouldve been sooo upset if i had known she was missing that whole time... glad it happened the way it did :)