sometimes babies smell like yogurt and poo

sunara woke with a huge deformed red ear!! freaked the heck outta me!

check this temporary (we hope!) deformity:
note her left ear (on your right).
its twice the size and twice as red as the other one!
(dont mind the drip of soy milk hanging from her chew-face)

poor lil dumbo ear, i hope it clears up tomorrow. the dr said it should.

and it really wasnt her day...

here, as shes walking through sobeys, her diaper starts to fall around her ankles.
(note the blurry white thing by her feet- it was very hard to get a pic of this, had to chase her for a bit)
we thought it was cute and hoped she wasnt embarrassed ;)
(also note, the huge-mongous ear!)

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  1. its better! (sticks out a bit more than it did before, but its not scary looking!)