The only words ive read of new moon so far:

“Bella?” Jacob jerked the heavy bike off me with ease. “Are you hurt?”

But i wasnt listening.

hmm. id like to ask her: did you correspond with him about that later, when you decided to journal about it, you know, how do you know what he said if you werent listening? lol
and dont get me wrong, i am not making fun of new moon. I havent read it... yet... so i cant nor wont “make fun” exactly, but that made me laugh... b/c im simple like that.  

so, for some reason, i keep thinking i dont want to read twilight or new moon- im like that with a lot of things, this is just one of them, but i keep hearing from women who are gushing about it. i see it all over facebook (and birthday cakes!) makes me wonder if i do have to read it? even just to see what all the fuss is about.

so yes, its pretty funny to me that the lines above were the first and only ive read. i know its a style, thats ok, but still how can i not giggle? lol

randomly going off topic a LOT:

quoting my 10 yr old can be really funny:
ok, this is not a true story: there was this big purple cow on the bus, actually it was murky yellow...

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