A blog about the ads that are on my blog (working title, someone told me to title it that lol)

(i also thought to title it: NOOOO DONT CLICK THOSE ADS!)

bahahaha so i was interested in finding out more about the adsense option, see if its true that its easy to making money from google. I was very curious as to how it works and what kinds of ads would be posted and if any income would ever generate from it.

At first it seemed mostly harmless, all i saw were these listed:
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then i saw one for twilight and one for baby formula and i was like: NO WAY! Lol so i tried to go and contact the adsense people and ask if i can chose from a list of ads i will allow on my blog... but that was taking forever and i only came to a page that read:
Server Error
The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.
Please try again in 30 seconds.
so i really dont think they are going to be easy to get in touch with about this lol

and as i was searching to contact, i hear from the other room: haha tammy, theres an ad for formula on your blog! Haha and one “to meet fun catholics in your area”... yeah you should do a blog about you blog ads ..
haha yip, and here i am! These ads dont sit well with me!
but im going to try see if i can choose what i want there or im deleting this experiment for good and continue my search for a decent blog site to use.
It cant be this way, there has to be a better way! lol
(for the record: if you click them, i somehow might make money, feel feel to try it out and ill let you know what happens,lol hurry tho, sale probably wont last long!)


  1. After awhile those ads will correspond to what you write about or somethin....

    I dont advertise where I live, not even the province and I had an ad for the partybus. Figures.

    On another note, I've had adsense for two years now and have never thought to check to see if I've made any money. Maybe I should.

  2. BAHAHAHA I just checked and I've made just shy of three dollars! In two years! But, that's with only 5 clicks so I guess it could be prosperous if people actually clicked your ads.