there is a definite difference between girls and boys... all you have to do is watch two of each on a trampoline, above them on the deck. (and more random stuff towards the end...)

the boys stand up and bounce towards each other and crash onto their butts and start wrestling. the girls stand up and say to me: wrestling? why do boys wrestle? its so violent! *both scruntcing up their faces, while one flings her hand out in an expressively disgusted mannor*

im like yeah: it is. why do they? i dont like it either. or boxing."
they both shuddered at the thought of boxing! and hand-flinger girl says, while punching the air: but i love it on wii!! knock out!! 1-2-3-and proceeds to 10(i was going to write all the numbers here just now, to make you read 'em, but im not sure i wouldve captrued the loud, announcer voice she bellowed out anyhow, so there was no point really... and you wouldve only skimmed 'em and i wouldve had to write 'em all out and that takes time, tho maybe not as much as writing this bracket space did. meh.)

her liking it on wii just shows that she enjoys the game of it, but without the violence. if the chartcaters werent so cute and slightly loveable and there was any amount of blood at all, theres no way shed ever play it.
but for some reason those boys play those gory fighting games with lots and lots and more and more blood-just-not-enough-blood!!! (guh!)

i wonder if there are young girls who like the violence as much as the boys do, and who actually play fight and roughly wrestle each other randomly? maybe. tho i dont see many school age girls acting like that or choosing those games. hmm i kinda wana find this out. are there kid-age girls who wrestle and play those video games like those 2 boys tonight? hmm

well. enough of that...
on with this:

the one thing i dislike about the wii characters is the sore looser attitude of them when they lose! they bow their heads in shame... sad, pathetic shame. why cant they stand back and clap their hands, cheering for their opponent? theres no need of teaching that negative loser attitude.

but... my attention switches:

i love babies natural use of “no”. when the 18 mth old shakes her head 'no' at someone or a question, she means NO darnit! a kid on a trampoline leaned in for kisses and she shook her head but he continued to come close, she halted her bounce and screamed and looked him in the face and then shook her head again and continued on her fun little bounce-walk. and he sat back and smiled.

heres where i added: "thats right, no means no. whenever someone says "no" to stop you from getting in their faces, you have to listen and stop!" (peerrrfect. i love getting lil tid-bits out like that to a group of kids ;)

oh and something else random:

working to 'figure out how to live', is really worth the effort. its really about taking your mind and placing it in every moment you find yourself in. its as easy and as hard as that.
being fully aware of all movements and thougths and conversations help calm the mind and help function in a more refined state. and help your personal evolution along at a more efficient rate.

but, sadly for our human development, its easy to get taken away by the fairies of the mind, those thoughts and worries and egoic fantasies and desires and random non-existent dialogues we somehow seem to have with ppl who know nothing about them at all. (annnd im only comfortable saying this now in my life, out loud on a blog, b.c i know its not only me and im not entirely insane or special for being those ways at times and i know that i can overcome anything and everything and i love that i have been learning how to consciously work on it at all. im happy i finally see it, see through it, even tho i will still slip up at times, at least for a while longer. maybe someday i will reach that level of pure joy and no slipping up. but until now. ill enjoy those moments when they pass. b.c they suck while theyre going on!)

anyhow... i rambled a lot after i sat down to post that. ill leave it at this and that.

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