soak it up.. soak it all up.

when my oldest daughter was very young, a friend of mine described her, and all young children, as being “sponges”. that analogy has stuck with me through the years, i saw what she meant and i loved it. over the years i have decided to feel my sponge-like nature as much as i can... as i grow i dont want to become the alternative: an old dried up, hard, non-absorbent piece of material (im talking sea sponge, out of the ocean, drying on land in the hot sun all summer long hardness, ever see that? ;) I want to continue to absorb whatever i can around me. I may not be the youthful, highly absorbent, brand new, just-out-of-the-package sponge i used to be... might have some worn and crusty edges but im working to not ever be entirely hardened.

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  1. That's a great analogy of life. Kinda explains why some people get old and shrivel up, while others blossom in their age. If you keep the zest, or allow yourself to absorb the goodness of life even in our later years.
    Maybe moisturizers are all bullshit, and the people they use in the ads to promote the crap, 60 years old and not a wrinkle, who say they used the product which has been around 15 years, their whole life, well maybe they're just still absorbing life. Still out soakin in experiences, doin Tv ads for a laugh...maybe they don't look old because they don't act old, complain about being old or getting old, or how the body that carries them can't move like it once could, only as it does now.. And thats okay with them.