we are tools used by active evolution, the personal is evolutionary.

Feminism = Person-ism... it's all up to us to evolve. 

I didn't realize the feminist women I met were such a small minority (I thought I was the only one left in the world to be introduced!) I guess when you find yourself in a university type setting, in rooms full of women (and men!) all seeming to be of like mind, or wanting to be at least, it's hard to imagine the countless other women (and men) out there that have not sat in those rooms and were not introduced to such enormous revelations (some revelant, others maybe not so much... that's left to the individual really). 

I also didn't realize the term "feminism" gets such slack and resistance. That I was going to be attacked and questioned and labeled in such harsh ways as I did when I first 'came out' as a feminist. I felt love for all people, I saw such discrepancies in the way men and women are and treat each other and react to one another. I saw the good, the bad, the WTF? And i got a bit of slack when I would talk about it (especially in front of drunk men! WHOA do some of them NOT wana hear anything about feminist views!)

Since taking a break from university it became more evidant to me that not all women (and men!) think alike about things concerning women and women's issues. Some women dont think AT ALL about things concerning women, especially in a historic or societal sense. And some even think there's nothing to think about "anymore", that women and men are completely equal which means there's nothing left to "feminism" (there's so much wrong with that, that I cant even get into it right now!) 

The most memorable quote and standpoint I recall from those courses concerning women is: the personal is political. (and this to me, is about women AND men, not just women!)

I try to take that approach with everyone I meet now. Each personal story and circumstance is very much polticial in nautre, meaning it possesses vital public concern. 

How we personally react to ourselves and each other are roots of where women (and men!) have grown in the world, and can be used to predict where women (and men!) are headed, therefore they can be altered and replanted and used to grow us into being where we want to be... living up to our potential by creating it in deeper ways, as well as evolving society/humanity as a whole.

It is up to us personally to evolve. To evolve all women and all men into the next phase of human consciousness. We all have to work on it (or if not 'all', at least more of us have to). 

Work on not being unconsciously, mindlessly driven by our subconscious, other people, the media, fear, illness, anything that isn't our truth. 

We must learn about things that please us, interests us and is somehow involved with others. Take ourselves seriously. Respect ourselves and other people. Eat healthy and more and more sustainable (this is a process!) We must be kind to ourselves. Make progress in the everyday things- and not hold things against ourselves when we slip up (letting go and forgiving asap). We must hold great hope for the future. Believe we can make a difference-and then start making it, one step at a time. Live in a limitless mindset, while respecting the environment. Treat everyone as our best friends. Trust time and what it has in store for us. Know that things are where they should be and we are on your way to pure joy. We must connect with each other more and more, in deeper ways. And we must love all children as the wonderful gifts of human potential they are (even when they stress us out! ;)  

Remember: we are tools used by active evolution, what we think and do is important to the human condition. We play a larger role, individually, than we might think we do. We are essential. 

Start now by smiling at something you love about yourself. 


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