painting with a windy soul (attempting to express inexpressible emotions, tho didnt really succeed ;)

i went to a grassy place, to sit 'n paint a painting.
i stopped 'n looked back on the path i had taken;
the wind blew strong in my face,
lashing my hair back behind me.
then i turned back around, to where i was going,
my teary eyes peaked through winding hair,
that rushed out 'round the front of my face.
my vision flowed along a blustery gale, 
directed upon signal hill; towards the narrows and the tower.
i believed in my tears and my aching heart
that my eyes sped up the wind.
i looked upon the miraculous view,

feeling the moment energize my cells.
i felt inside the power of the universe,
and hoped to not lose sight of it again, 
and questioned why i do. 

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