how i compare the iphone and blackberries

(first of all, the iphones powerful title "the" gives it more oopmh than the blackberries generalized term. (*check one* for theee iphone!)

i see blackberries as overzealous phones with the awesome power to check emails and do a lot more than your typical cell phone and has a wicket fun blackberry chat and can store lots of semi-decent pics, tho at a rate that which you should expect from a cell phone.

but i see the iphone as mini super-duper macbook! it can do most online things as fast (or sometimes faster!) than some macbooks or laptops and computers. but its just smaller and more portable, and the pics are way better and fun to look at, very fast interface (*check two* and *check three* and *four* and *five* for the iphone)

for the record, they both have equally good call quality. tho the iphone has the very cool looking interface for dialing and other call options (*check six*)

and thats my quick jot-note about the two... tho im totally leaving out a LOT... but. whateve.

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