How can we be expected to live up to some higher potential during those times when it takes over 5 mins or more sometimes to do the stupidest little things?

Like pouring up a drink for my 2 yr old. I should only have to open the fridge, open the lids of the milk and the cup and pour, right? What? less than a minute at least?! But sometimes theres sooooo much more added to these things-to-do!
picture this: shes crying up at me wanting a drink so bad its bringing tears to her eyes, im trying to console her and open the fridge and her cup at the exact same time, i end the struggle with the cup and poke the lid under my arm and proceed to opening the soymilk carton IN the fridge, to save time (it would take FOREVER to bring it to the counter now!), and i unfortunately drop the small cover down between the rails of the shelf (causing later, an added 5 min, deep-fridge search for it!), i take the milk out of the fridge holding it in one hand at the table, where i have attempted to stand up the cup (with my right hand!), only i drop the cup, pick the cup back up, drop the cup once more, pick it up again, sit it down, and then knock it down once more with the carton being too close, then finally standing it back up, begin filling it up, which is when i look down at her quickly with a smile and some calming words of love to her semi-screams and tears, i jump back into getting this job done, finish the last lil drop in and spill a plop of milk all over the side of the cup forming a small soymilk puddle on the table, i move on quickly beginning the work of twisting the lid back on, which sometimes happens with the ease of which youd expect, but sometimes, like this time, it put up that questionable struggle where the lines and groves just didnt line up at all and i was left struggling to twist that sucker back on, while trying not to splash more milk up over the side and also begin working my way over to the dish cloth to clean up the side of the cup- before handing it to little thirsty crying fingers who i want to keep clean of milk- upon which i canNOT for the life of me seem to get to b.c this friggin lid just wont go back on! I finally reach the cloth (after a good nano-nano second- which can be understood as being a lifetime if you look deeply enough), i wrap it around the cup, use the rest of the cloth to grip the lid and finally, magically figure out the tongue and groove lid and put it in place) i reach back while cleaning the cup in a smooth motion of pure joy knowing my baby will have her milk in just a few more nano seconds and she gets it and smiles and puts it to her lips and i smile and then walk to get the milk and go to pick it up but its slippery and it falls on the table, spilling another plop of milk on the table, luckily i have the cloth so i get it wiped up right away and then begin the 5 min search for the lid. * AIR EXHALING DEEPLY *

Now. I know it may have seemed i overdramatized the entire situation, but i assure you thats a pretty accurate description of something that shouldve have been quicker and more efficient, only ending up taking a 7-8 min prolonged turn of events.

are those types of moments significant in any way? or is it just the way of life? the mundane nuances of being humans, needing drinks, having mini freak accidents interfere, things that didnt seem to need any planning or didnt seem like it would waste any energy at all, ending up burning what could be considered a lot of precious time and energy in our moments.

so, maybe its simply our reaction to these moments that count the most. yeah. Maybe we have to blog about EVERY SINGLE ONE OF them to figure em all out! ;)

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