"perception is reality"

a woman i know always said: perception is reality. when i pondered that first (7 years ago) it was very elusive. but as i thought about it more over the years, i saw the truth in that statement in so many ways (and still become true in new ways all the time!) 
think about the all different 'perceptions' happening simultaneously, in every moment, changing from one minute to the next, how many 'realities' might that be?  
a lot more than just one, that little one we have individually. 
what might that mean for us? for humanity? for evolution? wouldnt it mean that we have much more responsibility and control over society and individuals and evolution than some humans believe and are currently living up to? 
wouldnt it mean that we can change and affect other peoples realities, therefore society as a whole, merely by interaction? say or do something to make them feel good and they feel good, make them feel bad and then feel bad. but if we question them about their choices or ways, then its up to them how they respond? and if we throw out things to ponder then we create a little thought in the world (or maybe just look crazy to the ones who cant think so much). 

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