Attached to facebook? Pffft no!! ...

 …ok maybe a little… but I have the PERFECT justifications for it!

It was ‘homework’ for the enlightenment course. To pick something I may be attached to and give it up for a week and note how I feel. It could have been anything: a food, an article of clothing, any item, a way of thinking, a cell phone, even a person. But I choose facebook for 2 reasons: one: I wanted to get away for a week. and two: I needed to see the purpose of facebook in my life. And this was the best way to do that!

(here come the justifications!)

I realized that I don’t mind being “attached” to something that contains socializing with REAL life people; friends, family, acquaintances. I saw that I use is a tool; to spread and receive opinions and ideas and (to be all hippie about it) love. I enjoy reading (most-not all!) things people choose to post. It’s a great way to analyze local culture and individuals. (Tho, not an entirely accurate way, because a lot of people don’t post their TRUEST feelings and inner-ness on facebook- tho, some of my closest peeps message me and “let me” message them about my personal things, which i LOVE about my friends-- the trust!). (and I say 'local' because the interweb is full of people from all over the world, so facebook is a way to see a mass of people that are close to home, so to say. I love that!)
 I love the connections and support that we can offer each other, no matter how far apart we may be in the physical world.

The attachment that I noticed I have is: checking the feed randomly throughout the day- some days, the days im really avoiding my responsibilities and creative endeavors, I check in more.
I also noticed: not commenting on things slows down the amount of comments from other people I receive (obviously!)  And I think the people who talk to me the most were avoiding me to help me with my abstinence ;) thanks y’all! It would’ve been hard to see your names there on my cell phone and NOT read it lol.

I also love facebook for the comedic timing of it. It's hard to resist cracking a joke at a comment I read- sometimes they aren’t funny to anyone else but me- but its innocent and I chuckle, so it's all good.

I love seeing the love people have in their lives. With and for so many random things. And I love seeing peoples kids growing and changing. It’s all very quaint and beautiful!

I also love seeing the realism of: sometimes, we just feel shitty. Most of us do. It’s hard to not admit the stress and bullshit of life- some people would feel fake if they tried a lame attempt at an uplifting status when in fact they feel like crap about a situation. That’s the beauty of honesty- we get to relate to and with each other and see that we are not evil loners destine for depression because we feel crappy. Other people feel crappy and have crappy things happen to them, too! Thank GOD it’s not just me! Lol

Tho, I do think we need to combat that; to find more balance- we need to try and move past the crappiness asap. It’s a real downer to be negative ALL THE TIME (even during, or because of, negative situations- easier said than done I KNOW!). In some people statuses sometimes (including my own!), we can notice trends of more negative than positive, as well as vice versa.

Well, now that I analyzed and saw that I’m not THAT attached …. (ok ok.. fine I am! Lol)  I had to check in twice and change my status; one: because I wanted to remind people of peace day, that’s IMPORTANT to me (sept 21st!!)! and two: because of the hurricane.  I mean, I saw a headline that made me a lil nervous; imagine if that was the last time i updated my status? I wanted people to know I love them! (and yes I may have cheated a lil bit- sneaking a glance at a few updates and a picture while I popped on for those few seconds… might have to do a cleanse of some sort to rid that of my soul ;)
Oh and when I die, feel free to post really funny things on my wall... no sad stuff... only funny stuff!! Lol

So I'm glad that week is over! Now I can get back to normal and be cyber-interactive with the people in my life (oh, and for the record, during the week, I didn’t hear from many people or see many people that I see on facebook and im so unbelievably ok with that! I hate the phone! Lol (unless its txt J) but I also see that I don’t have in-person relationships with most of the people on my “friends list”.. but that’s ok too!)

Peace out lovelys

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