Wisdom From the Baby Being.

Upon waking up in a pretty blah state a friend suggest a shower and to start the day expressing what I am grateful for, I heed the advice! (I've had a good many ‘grateful shower’ and they always make me feel better!) I took the baby and we ran for towels and to the bathroom.

Babies always make things better.

We sat in the tub as the water was running and I began work on my blah state.

Thoughts run: ideas of meditation; how it should look right now and in the beginnings of my days, a list of grateful things, sitting there watching her, being fully present to the lil life before me, and I think to  ask a question I have been told to ponder: what is my lifes purpose?

I ponder my own inner responses and then I look in her big, beautiful, being eyes and smile and ask her: what is the purpose of our lives?

She looks up with those big baby eyes and says with that big baby voice: BEE!

I immediately choke up with tears and laughter at how amazing that just was!!!

Then I Iook down and see where her hand was, and realize: oh she said pee!  BAHAAHAHA

Even though we were then sitting in a bathrub of pee, it was a beautiful moment and I'll take it as that!! Lol

I do I trust that the being inside her, the observer that was sent here to reside in her, was the one who found a way to make this baby soul say exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.

That, I am truly grateful for.
(and yes, we are also here to pee).

(My baby pointing at my new Bee tattoo!)

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