one random thing of the day:

theres a new toy in town: a set of play car keys that have this very loud, very annoying car alarm sound.. sounds EXACTLY like a car about 20 feet away. It went off about 7 – 8 times before I realized it was a toy. I was like, DUDE!! TURN THAT THING OFF!! Who keeps doing that, what is their problem? sheesh!? (automatically assume its some guy not being able to figure out how to turn it off, or someone just being annoying for fun!) (I know, im awful!)
not once did I think, hey maybe someone’s car is being broken into.. pfft, nope. (wtf is wrong the human mind sometimes?)
I didn’t win the neighborhood watch award on that one. Its not very selfless of me to sit and wait for it to stop going off so it wont annoy me anymore. instead of jumping up and running out to make sure a neighbor isnt getting ripped off: loosing a vehicle, some valuables, or at the very least, some fave cds. I should run out the door to see. Make sure some idiot* is not ripping someone off. (*I use idiot in its general sense, im not only referring to only guys here ;)
So when I turned around to see that sunara was sitting in the door way with those keys in her hand, I was relieved that it wasnt a real car alarm, yet, i realized I cant just take it away from her either, shes not “trying to figure out how to turn it off”… nope... shes listening to the noise out of pure curiosity! How can I deny her that? I cant. So I have to put up with the make-believe car alarm for about 10 more mins (but it felt like an hour).
2 things i learned from this: a lot about how much I can really tolerate that annoying repetitive noise.
And I will always and forever notice a car alarm and, if im able, will run out to make sure something close to me isnt getting broken into.

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