*sigh* writing a blah blog


oh, im right in the mood to sit down and write the best blog ever!!
but this wont be it.

I wish: right at this very moment, all today’s “oh! that would be a cool thing to blog about” ideas would just start pouring out of my finger tips.

But. Again. No signs of this being that.

So what can I write about?

A LOT of stuff happened today, like it does everyday, how do I know what I should write about?

I could write about the many amazing and beautiful beach-weekend moments we had. The fire on the cliff at sunset, the amazingly warm ocean water, the meditative moments I had, the random conversations with strangers.
 Or I could write about all the wonderfully fun and amazing and learning adventures of my kids this weekend. Or any moments that make have posed some stress (they can always be fun to try and make positive).
I could write about Meg collecting rocks and branches and other things of nature, getting lost inside herself upon a bank by the ocean (watching her was beautiful!)
Or one of sunaras MILLION unbelievably cute moments of the day!
Or i could even add lil things like: when I was taking a nap with sunara in the tent and meg “sneaks” in to change her clothes and steps much too hard on an air mattress flopping us both up out of sleep in union-funny, yes- startling-hell yes! (I wonder did she do it on purpose to get us up? Tho we didn’t budge, we just situated and went back to sleep- hot sun and warm winds can help with that.)
Even a silly moment like: getting home and seeing the ice cream cone I threw out the window (for the birds!) had smacked off the tent bag and splattered all over everything.

So many options.

 There’s always soooo much I could write about; some of it pointless to even try to convey, some of it might pose some possible giggles, and I know that if I dug deeper and tried to convey a lot of things I feel ive learned on my inner purpose level in just one weekend, I could probably haul out some pretty inspirational stuff.

But meh. Its just so much information and after a beach weekend, I don’t have the energy left to pick it all apart.

Lord, maybe I need to stop this blog idea and focus on some fiction or a personal narrative or one of the kids books or a few more poems, or even start editing some of what ive already written.

I want to write. I always want to write. I seem to think like im writing most times.
Narrating my days events, or running with a funny thought or recollection, or enjoying a conversation with one of the many conversers in my life that could totally be added to a book.

Yeah. Im going to stop writing this lame attempt now, ill go read a bit before bed, meditate on that and the days events and get excited for tomorrow.

And then I’ll write again… some other time.

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