Who is “she” and why does she keep saying crap like that?

Maybe it’s the mass mind control of male carnal desire? It’s a very “masculine” way for her to be talking isn’t it? Or well, is it feminine because it’s a “she” who’s talking to men in those “ways”? I dunno. And lets face it, most males seem to get off on that sort of thing. Maybe some women do too, maybe they like the “she said” thing, maybe some do talk like that and think like that about everything and that its funny to them. Personally, I think it’s a fraction of mentality we could do without. Hasn’t the english language been tortured enough with the sexual innuendo? We cant even say words like “big” or “small” or “up” or “down” without people giggling hysterically to themselves. Why must the torture continue to grow? It's pathetic. Ever see the movie “idiocracy”? (if you didn’t, just look at the word and youll get the plot.)
People in my life probably think it's funny that it annoys me, but it's not that it annoys me, it just makes me pity them and the situation of society. There are far better things to laugh and smile and converse about aren’t there? Or are sex jokes the only thing people can come up with?
And that’s what I said. 

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