a scary prediction- that surely has purpose...

I think the human race is going to get whipped out on such mass scale that no one alive now will ever want to believe it, and the only ones left will be the ones saying: “I knew this was guna happen!” They’ll have to start the rebuilding and start the continuity of existence all over again. 

The ones saying they know we are going to be whipped out or the ones who experience an underlying feeling of uneasiness (-but would never say it out loud!) are the ones that are getting us prepared for it, they are picking up on the inevitable.  They are creating the thoughts that will propel the action.
Will those people be the ones left? Picking up the pieces? Rebuilding society in entirely new ways?
Maybe: the ones thinking it will happen are the ones who’s purpose is solely that- to lead the path of this shift in species, and there is nothing more for them to do. They serve their purpose and move along into the next phase of existence (ie: they are apart of the mass wipe-out!) (im talking about myself here, so I really hope we are the ones left who get to rebuild!) ;)

There’s no denying that there needs to be a shift in the way society needs to be. I have heard many people talk about this and have read many peoples writings about this (all who will survive to make this all happen! ;)  I have developed such a feeling towards it, such a knowing. Like I know this with my being. I’m feeling this shift, my body is aching for it.  It sounds harsh to simply say: I’m wanting the human race to be thinned out dramatically.  But in nature there is purpose in wiping out a species and starting again, you can look at the dinosaurs, fungus, mushrooms, maggots and more, so many types of living get wiped out. It happens in humans already! Do you think all these hurricanes and tsunamis are only by accident? I don’t think there are any “accidents” in the universe. Which is saying things like: the holocaust wasn’t a mistake (a cruel and unjust mistake!) Many would say “no way in hell did that serve purpose!” and would probably condemn me for even considering otherwise!? “what is that cruel retarded bitch talking about?! It was that monster hitlers fault! That sick bastard caused those ppl to die!”
And, on some level, yes he did. But maybe it was the universes way of getting a mass amount of people out of the way to get on with evolution (and there is sincerity and love towards all of those people in what im saying, of course- im not coldblooded!!)
Some people will be totally appalled by my words here, I mean, of course the spices going through the wipe out are the ones that are going to be all up in arms about it: OMG WE ARE DYING OFF~!?! HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF MERCEY SAAVE US!” in order for a species to exist at all, it needs to have a passion for survival like that, a love to want to be alive and sustain and a genuine caring and concern for its fellow members.
We need that. We need the love and compassion that’s left over after a huge catastrophe like that. We need to want to live again. We need to clean up and heal our surroundings. Like a dog that licks its wound or the white blood cells that do our healing.
We are all the same thing. We are those white blood cells. We are everything that everything else is. We react to the same things in different ways, different circumstances just appear to be soo complete different- but they’re all the same. When a dog cuts its paw, it doesn’t want habitat for humanity to come and build 50 houses on it. No no. it wants its saliva and its blood cells to fix it all up.
And just think, if we had a huge catastrophe around our city and big, huge blood cells leaked out of the earth and patched it all up- it would be disgusting! A much bigger mess than what we started with. Unless it healed perfectly like trees and houses. Like the scabs of skin that appear back on our arm—but if it had to look like messy scabs for a while, I think that’d be hard to look at.
Nope. Not that easy for humans. We have a lot of work ahead of us, we need to DO the work. Especially on emotional and mental levels.
Tho wait, I could delve deeper and assume: well hey, I don’t think the white bloodcells thinks its all easy-peasy scott-free healing either. They are the ones that sweat their lil asses off trying to get the place back to some kind of recognizable order. They are the humans that need to build houses and clear pipes and replace food and bring unity and a sense of safety back to the survivors.
Tho, again, deeper for some reason: what is the force that drives the unity? It's easy to say its humans, it's easy to take all the credit for the passion. But it has to be something much deeper. It’s love.
I am only now learning about the concept of true divine love. The deeper stuff than the stuff that is expected from our parents, children and family members, our friends or love relationships, or our pets, it isn’t just about loving an article of clothing, or a house, or a drink or a video game or a movie, but at the same time, it IS that stuff too. But deeper- all is love for sure, but there’s much more depth to it than most of us has ever thought to consider.
It’s about that loving connection with everything. With everyone. With all things and beings. Especially with and for ourselves. Self-love is important to making our lives our own. (I didn’t always know this. I was always waiting for something from the above lists to show up and “make me friggin happy! Haven’t I been waiting long enough!!?!?”)

Love is the driving force of creation- it is purpose.

So anyway, if we do get wiped out- don’t fret. There is purpose in it. We will be a stronger Being because of it. We will build a new global society of eco friendly, sustainable designs and services.
All we need is love- and a whole new society. 

peace love and dont hate me because my mind wanders in weird ways like this ;) 

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