Eat pray analyze the crap out of things

from the moment i saw the cover of eat pray love on a shelf at shoppers, i knew i was meant to read it. i didnt have the cash on me that day, but i knew i was going to stumble upon it soon enough. then a little while later i saw the ad for the movie somewhere (maybe facebook? i cant remember where). and i knew deep within my soul (and i dont care how hippie-religious that sounds! ;) i was meant to watch, read, experience this story.

so i tried what most recently-introduced-to-the-wonderful-world-of-downloading person would do, tried to download it! but it hadnt even been in theaters yet, and its weird b.c usually i dont hear about movies until its been out a while and people on facebook are going on about them, but this movie was seeking me! (yes im THAT in love with this story, and THAT hippie-religious!)
i couldn’t find the movie. so i tried to download the book and hit the jackpot when it was the audiobook and not a text version! (reading too much txt on my computer gives me crazy headaches!) this audio book is AMAZING-- much better when the authors themselves read. her voice, her expression, her depth, her honesty, her cries for help, her songs of joy, the way she subtly expresses the various accents she encounters and her delicate italian, all make for an inspiring experience.
one woman who said she "tried" to read the book said she had to “throw it down” b.c it was “ridiculous how she thinks that everyday people can just up and leave their lives and responsibilities to go on a year of exploring these countries to “find themselves”” (she really snotted up her tone when she said that part).
and of course, many people cant just up and leave and go on a spiritual journey through three countries… but that’s not what the book is about. shes not telling us that that’s the only way to enlighten ourselves. what I got from it was that we all need to find ways to incorporate those main cultural beliefs she expresses of each of them. the pleasure and relaxation and enjoyment of food and drink of italy, the deep meditative mindset and dedication of spirit of india, and the balance of life and simple living in indonesia. besides, if we all (like, billions of us) jumped on a plane to go do what she did, we wouldn’t get the same outcome b/c all of us seekers and scramblers would over flow the place and change the whole dynamic and ruin it all anyhow!
the book is about personal discovery. personal analysis. making changes to live more balanced and in tune and honest with out own desires and purpose in life.

there is so much to this book that I could blog for days about it!
here are some of the things I jotted during the movie:

(even tho I mentioned this above, I feel the need to reiterate here again:

I think we all need to posses a little of each idea from all 3 countries: italy, india, indonesia. its about finding the balance, mixed with pleasure, trust, and dedication. when we are living in balance, the earth will then too live in balance.
this movie/book is trying to get those ideas into the mainstream media (even tho its tootin’ the heterosexual horn like SOO many other movies, but that’s hard to avoid, especially when it’s a personal story of relationships, but ill save the heterosexual regurgitation in movies rant for another blog!)
with more and more people in the masses beginning to open up to these ideas, it should surely help that shift that’s inevitably needing to happen.

(i also have paragraph bitching about the previews before this movie. i dislike so many movies out there… its always the same stereotype bullshit. again, ill save that for another blog!)

another thing I love about the movie is the choice of music. stevie nicks, neil young, pearl jam, all sorts of inspiring lyrics and sounds throughout.

i believe julia roberts. shes playing the role so well. how many of us have actually cried like that? pouring our souls out through our eyes, dying inside for change.

the audiobook was a KABILLION times better than the movie. the depth of which it goes into culture, history, language, emotions, they cant really capture all of that in a 2.5 hour movie (im also delighted it was a 2.5 hour movie! if it was shorter i may have been disappointed).

ive had a recurring thought throughout this movie: lord, i relate to THAT!

i wish i were warmer, it’s a tad chilly here in the theater.

getting married makes me go: hmmm. At least the only thing holding me on to my mr is my word and physical reality. i really don’t need a piece of paper and a made-up societal bond forcing us to stay together if we ever decided to call it quits. imagine! him having the power to simply not sign a piece of paper, bonding me to him forever! NO FRIGGIN WAY DUDE! lol

i walked through italy in a fight with my bf at the time. i relate to the italy part in so many ways! eating a lot of delicious food, drinking a lot of zealous wines, strolling along ogling every detail of the art and structures and people, all with simmering relationship bullshit humming my undertone. i only wish i had drank more and eaten more--I wouldnt trade the distance and stress between us at the time, it helped confirm that we were over-over. i enjoyed every moment of my drunken, full-belly alone bliss. following behind the flock of travelers in our group. i was alone. i was slightly sad. but i was in ITALY!

the thanksgiving part was much too different. in the book its much more tear-jerking I think.

oh, i love the scene where she's frantically being driven through the streets, with her hand out the window and all the kids reaching for her, i feel it. see purpose in it. will do that. with passion

omg her thoughts are soo much like mine!

“do u always talk in bumper sticker?” lol a fave line for sure.

i don't like how she seems much harsher with richard from texas in the movie.

the scene with richard missing his son was powerful, real. and need to be seen by a lot of people. anyone who might relate. the msg I got from it: forgive ourselves before its too late and make changes while we still can.

i cant wait to take a vow of silence!!! i've been saying it for years! but i can't do it with kids, especially when there's one learning the basics of language- that would be cruel. but i will eventually!

smile meditation! i LOVE it. a friend began saying that to me several years ago, it has stuck with me. and in psychology class we discussed the power of one little smile. SMILE OUT LOUD AND FEEL IT! (do it. right here right now! doooo it! :)

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