THOUGHT: "yes, ill settle into a painting tonight”... but ended up on george street instead!

i love random acts of hanging out with random people in my life! it was such a fun night C.D :)
had many random convos, lots of mini-enlightening moments, mixed with a lil bit of dancing (b.c i dont always like to dance).

i feel my idea of “going out for drinks” has changed significantly over the years.

there was a time when it was all about feeling good, letting loose, dressing-up, dancing, and mixed with a young twinge of hoping to find a soul mate to share this insanity.
then it shifted to, feeling good with friends, watching and experiencing a band, yet still dancing ad dressing up and looking for that person (even while being with someone else at times *shrugs*)
now its about getting a bottled water, wandering until i feel energy thats most comfy, hanging with friends, being in the moment, analyzing the energies that i meet, watching my thoughts flow, feeling out situations, analyzing my own reactions, living for the feeling of passion and joy and seeing it in anyone in the room! now i just look for compatible beings, without the attraction. but. thats not always easy to get in return, a lot of people mistake my curiosity of them for attraction, but then I just politely move on…
i love live music, i love the energy of a crowd, all dancing out of pure beingness. (yes that was a little “hippie” --even for me!)

going to a dance bar tonight was such an unbelievable time warp. standing there with people dressed for the catwalk I felt very out of place. some people look so lost and confused, just starring at body parts, twitching while dancing. there are certain types of energy that i just cant be around... anymore.
that over-sexual-driven energy of the young 20's is really something im past. it seems so vulnerable and alone, putting yourself out there for everyone and anyone...just someone!
desperation, instead of inspiration.
ive moved on to inspiration.

ive developed a thirst for real-life people living real-life moments, being themselves in the moment and running with that spirit.

damit! there’s a fly on the bamboo and i cant find my camera! i could look for it, but its too late, itll probably fly away just as i find it-its gone now! what a beautiful pic that wouldve been- was... in my mind!

well anyhow, i hate that mcdonalds tastes so damn good. it truly pisses me off. the last 3-4 years i have stated every time i have mcdonalds: this very well might be the last time i have it!
sucks that a part of me knows i may give in and splurge again sometime, the last time before tonight was like, 6 mths or a year ago. something like that. i dont really remember. and thats how i like it!
so when i do splurge every 6 mths to a yr, i make a point to combine: liking it for the taste and justifying that “theres gotta be SOMETHING good in it!”... with... true detest and yearn for change in the processed crap we are pretty much forced to eat.

whatever. i ate it. i had a big mac and a regular fries (theres NO WAY i supersize and i like to drink warm water with it... cold will congeal most of it before it hits my stomach... and we DONT need that!)

well. it was a great random adventure with a great random friend. and i saw some familiar faces, they always make me smile :)

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