A repeating, frustrating occurrence in our house: WHERE-TF ARE THE KEYS!!?

i swear. at least 4 times a week, one of us is on a (semi-)frantic search and rescue (b.c its THAT passion fueled!) for a set of keys.
the worst times, for me, is when IM the one who misplaced or forgot where i put HIS keys (b.c of already not being able to find mine, “ill just take yours”) MISTAKE! For 2 reasons: 1. what if he needs to go somewhere, he cant lock the door or start the car (tho, i usually have a system set in place for this: the car keys are on a latch-hook key chain, so i pop them right off, problem solved-- if I can find ‘em!! PROBLEM 2: if his keys also go missing, my heads on a chopping block! (ok, maybe not THAT dramatic, but close!)
it’s sad to need 3-4 keys for each vehicle- but it may be the only way we get to go anywhere sometimes.
friggin keys need a beeper.

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